Stock levels

I am a small honey producer with only a handful of hives in my suburban backyard in Voyager Point. I harvest from Flow Hives only when the honey is capped and ready for harvest, harvesting too early would result in nectar instead of honey being harvested, with moisture content too high the honey can ferment.

The amount necatar coming into the hive and then being evaporated by the bees into honey is determined by the nectar sources at the time as well as the weather for both bee foraging and evaporation of moisture from the nectar to produce honey. Nectar sources and be influenced by rainfall and drought and I only ever harvest honey from the bees when it is safe to do so knowing they have adequate honey stores for their own survival. What I harvest is just excess supply from the hive for you to enjoy.

The availability is also seasonal, with the bees requiring honey stores within the hive to survive over the cooler months where nectar sources may be scarce. However some mild winters in Sydney and many floral sources from both native bushland and suburban gardens can sometimes mean a flow of honey in the cooler months.

I’ve specifically set the website not to accept backorders, there are too many variables as to when the next honey harvest will be available and I don’t want to disappoint. I don’t keep a lot of stock on the shelves and most honey is sold within days of harvest. If a product you are after is out of stock please enter your name and email to be notified when it is back in stock. As I enter inventory into the website you’ll be notified by email and and can place an order immediately.

What is raw honey?

Raw Honey is honey that has come out of the bee hive and into a container with no processing, apart from a some screening to remove small pieces of wax that may dislodge during harvesting. It has not undergone any pasteurisation or filtration that kills and removes many of the beneficial components of honey.

Raw Honey should not be given to infants under the age of 12 months due to the risk of botulism

My honey has crystallised what can I do?

Don’t worry all honey will eventually naturally crystallise and it has not gone bad. Simply place your sealed jar into a warm water bath and occasionally stir the honey to get it back into a liquid consistency. Since The Pollinator is raw honey you should ensure the temperature of the honey itself does not exceed 40°C so you can maintain all the benefits of raw honey.