‘The Pollinator’ is a name to celebrate the hard work all our pollinators do everyday around the world to pollinate plants resulting in about ⅓ of the food you eat. The Honey sold by The Pollinator is just a bonus of keeping bees that do this important work.

I have three Flow Hives in my suburban backyard at Voyager Point in South Western Sydney that house the European honey bee Apis millifera. I also have three Australian native stingless bee hives that house the Sugarbag bee or Tetragonula carbonaria. One of these is in a traditional wooden box and two others are in the Hive Haven, an Australian invention that aims to help Australian native bees adapt to a warming climate bt providing a hive that prevents overheating, one of the main causes of native bee hive loss.

My philosophy for honey bees is they are mainly there to be looked after, kept in good health and there to provide pollination services to the local environment, any honey I can harvest from them in just a bonus and they’ll always be left with enough honey stores to get them through winter or a period of bad weather. I use no chemicals in or around the hives and harvesting with the Flow Hive means the honey comes from the flow hive frame and directly into the jar with no processing at all and importantly without harming or disturbing the bees.

My Single Frame honey means the honey in the jar has been harvest from an individual frame in the hive directly into the jar, no mixing or processing. Each frame of honey will have a distinctive flavour based on the floral resources the bees are using at the time. Each jar is labelled with the month/year, hive number and frame number the honey was harvested from. Each frame will taste different each time it is harvested at different times of the year, I get what he bees provide and don’t try to maintain a consistent flavour by mixing honey harvests together.