750g Compostable Pouch Refill – 100% Single Frame Raw Honey


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750 grams of 100% Single Frame Raw Honey in a compostable pouch, this is the zero waste way to buy honey as a refill if you’ve already purchased honey in one of our containers or have your own reusable container of choice at home. Simply open and transfer the honey to your preferred container and put the pouch in your compost or worm farm. The pouch has a resealable zip so you don’t need to empty it all at once, I heat seal above the zip seal to ensure no spillage during transit.

What is the pouch made of and how long does it take to compost?

The pouch is  bio plastic which is made from materials such as sugar cane, tapioca and corn..Both the film & the zipper have been certified by Vincotte (now part of Tüv Austria) as “ok to home compost”. In an industrial compost setting, it will disappear in under 180 days. Home composting can take 180-300 days depending on the temperatures.

Will it degrade on a shelf?

No, it won’t. This pouch has a shelf life of 2-3 years at room temperature. In order to decompose quicker it needs the heat that composting creates. But it is advisable to store them in a dark, cool area. However it might become more difficult to pour it out if it crystallises, we recommend you transfer the honey to a jar as soon as possible.

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